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Founded in 1994, Zhishi Law Firm is the first firm within Jiangsu Province that specializes in the area of intellectual property. We are also the first authorized agency within the province that is designated by the State Intellectual Property Office to deal with foreign-related intellectual property affairs.

We have been attributed the awards of “Excellent Law Firm of Jiangsu Province”, “Outstanding IP Service Team of Jiangsu Province”, “Premium & Good-faith Patent Agency of Jiangsu Province” and “Cultivated & Branded IP Service Organisation of the State”.

We are “Member of the SIPO Union of the Regional Centres of Patent Information Service (Nanjing)”, “IP Legal Service Centre of Jiangsu Province & Nanjing City for Top Creative talents and Entrepreneurs”, “Standing Body of the Inventors’ IP Enforcement Commission of Jiangsu Invention Association”, “Commissioned Organization of Copyright Committee of Jiangsu Society of Scientific and Technical Periodicals”, “Legal Consulting & Service Centre of Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese” .

We dedicate ourselves to high-quality professional legal service. Our expert teams are formed in accordance with industry sectors and expertise. Currently, we consist of Patent Division I, Patent Division II, Patent Division III, Patent Division IV, Trademark Division, Copyright Division, Litigation Division, Corporate Issues Division, International Division and Strategy Development Division.

Most of our experts are dual-qualified, both as P.R.C Lawyer and Patent Agent. We are very experienced in the areas of patent, trademark, copyright and other IPRs. We have gained abundant knowledge in many industry sectors, including chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanics, electronics, communication, biology, pharmaceuticals, physics and computer science.

Our professional team of IP attorneys and patent agents provides our clients with comprehensive, systematic, integrated IP service. Our service includes acquisition of IPRs, infringement investigation, IP enforcement, propertilization & implementation of intellectual creations, patent evaluation, R & D Orientation Consulting, planning & design of IP development strategy. We are purposeful, accurate, and efficient. 

We believe in “Expertise, Experts & Dedication”. We offer exceptional IP Service and serve our clients with “Zhishi”!
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